The Mind: Does It Have the Power to Cause and Reverse Hair Loss?

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The mind has an intimate connection with the body’s hormonal system and nervous system. Each feeds back into each other. When the mind perceives a threat via the senses, the body reacts by surging adrenaline around the body. Heart rate increases and breathing quickens. The fight or flight response kicks in.

But different people perceive situations differently. Some people might have a heart attack if they saw a bull rushing towards them, while matadors may have experienced this so many times their heart rate hardly increases.

The same goes for day to day office stress. While some people take deadlines, presentations and fiery meetings in their stride, others find these scenarios extremely stressful. Clearly we all deal with stressful situations differently.

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Is Health The Only Wealth You Need

This is a guest post by Dr. Alejandro Pérez Aguilar, an orthopedist based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

At the point when is the last time you worked out, as well as really finished on a steady regimen? The main reason I hear again and again is, “I’m so occupied with work at this moment, I truly wish I had sufficient energy.”

Hearing somebody discuss how they “wish” they had sufficient energy to put back in themselves and work out more frequently dependably pulverizes me. Here in America, we are special with choices, and a lot of them. Alongside those choices come choices.

A dominant part of studies have demonstrated that over portion of America isn’t great at settling on sound choices. Regardless of whether it is somebody kicking the bucket an unexpected passing, 30 to 40 year olds being determined to have diabetes, or perhaps having wellbeing difficulties yourself.

Despite the fact that Mexico just as of late outperformed the U.S. as the most obese nation, we don’t fall a long ways behind. What this lets me know is that half of Americans have become careless with the notorious, “I wish I had additional time.” Very once in a while do I sit in front of the TV, however when I do, regardless I go over these advertisements promising us that in the event that you take this pill, you will lose 20 pounds. Or, on the other hand in the event that you attempt this bit of gear, you will get the six pack you have constantly longed for.

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The Paralysis of Fear

We’ve all experienced this familiar feeling. Awakening in the middle of the night to an unknown noise, our minds immediately alert to a perceived danger. From the grogginess of sleep our minds and senses are suddenly sharp and our imaginations are as active as they were in our dream state. As our senses gather all the data and our minds process the information there is but one conclusion. There is an intruder in our house and they have come to cause us great harm.

It takes all of a few seconds to reach this conclusion. It takes the same time for the terrible fear of it all to reach every part of our body and to cause a type of paralysis. Continue reading

Meaning Experiment of the Week – Patience

How patient would you say you are? Or better yet, when your patience is tested how do you fare?

In the week approaching there will most likely be many opportunities for you to see how patient you can be. If you are finalising your Christmas shopping this week and dealing with the crowds you may find your patience challenged more than you would like.

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Meaning Experiment of the Week – Observe Your Thoughts

A few of my posts have mentioned self-defeating thoughts and their impact on our lives. For example, thoughts of worry are a complete waste of time. These types of thoughts change your emotional state and tend to reoccur over and over again or until you perceive the source of the worry as having ended.

Thoughts of how you wish your life was different are also futile. This tendency to focus on what you don’t want, instead of on what you do want, is unproductive and disruptive to your overall sense of well being.

Analysing and judging situations and people throughout your day is also a real drain on your energy and creativity. This sort of running commentary going through your mind, like a sports commentator, of who and what you see around you, is an unnecessary part of your day. Continue reading

If You Had Six Months Left to Live

Watching an episode of “Married, Single, Other”, I found myself sobbing and feeling so devastated by the story of Lily who is trying to tie up the loose ends of her life as she prepares for a shortened than expected lifespan. While the story is of course meant to be moving, why was I crying so much? The tears just ran down my cheeks like they do whenever I watch “P.S. I Love You”. Yes, that’s right, I’ve watched that movie more than once and I still ball my eyes out.

Thinking about it I realised that it isn’t just that it’s so horrible to think of losing or leaving behind loved ones. What both stories have in common is the feeling of living an unfulfilled life and then on top of that, losing the person you treasure the most. To me, both of these together bring up feelings of such hopelessness, loneliness and a life wasted. Continue reading

Meaning Experiment – Relationships as Mirrors Follow Up

Fortuitously, just as I had set “Relationships as Mirrors” as the week’s meaning experiment, another difficult person showed up in my life this very week.

A week or so before, I had received a phone call from a dissatisfied parent of a child I teach. I won’t go into all the details, but suffice to say that this parent was angry at their child, but misplaced that anger onto me. I have found this happens more often than I though possible in teaching. In this case, the student involved had failed to take responsibility for their organisation and I was blamed for putting this responsibility on the student in the first place. It is becoming increasingly alarming at the declining standards of self sufficiency that we can witness in 16 and 17 year olds today. Continue reading

Your Life is Always Whispering to You

A friend of mine posted “your life is always whispering to you” on Facebook recently and ever since I have been thinking about how true this statement really is. There were quite a few people who wrote “so true” in the comments of her status update and I added my thoughts as well.

So what does this phrase really mean? And why does life whisper rather than simply talk?

If you spend some time observing what is really going on in your world you can’t help but see instances and situations that appear to be a form of sign or communication. If you aren’t consciously aware of what is going on or if you aren’t paying any attention, it is often in hindsight that you realise there were clues and thoughts that led you here. Continue reading

Meaning Experiment of the Week – Creative Visualisation Follow Up

When I presented this as the experiment for last week, I was worried that if I didn’t produce any tangible results from the experiment then I might not have anything very convincing to say to you all in this follow-up. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to show you that this worked, something quite amazing and unexpected happened last night and it wasn’t until I was lying in bed did I realise how great it really was. But more on that in a moment.

Overall I found this experiment to be thoroughly enjoyable, and almost like an excuse to daydream and to make-believe. I ended up focussing on creatively visualising two things that I wanted to happen and believed could easily happen. Both of them have shown definite results. I’ll describe a little about what I visualised and how I did it and then share the results with you. Continue reading

Meaning Experiment of the Week – Design Your Simple Life

I’ve been craving the simple life recently and have spent time pondering what that might look like for me. I also have an intense curiosity for how others structure their lives, both here and around the world.

I watched an episode of “An Idiot Abroad” the other day, a program devised by Ricky Gervais. The show is centred around Ricky’s real life friend Carl Pilkington who is as cynical, pessimistic and unadventurous as they come. The program is all about sending Carl around the world to see the seven human made wonders. In the episode I saw, Carl went to Mexico to see the Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan civilisation. As part of his trip he went to visit some Mexicans living in a small village and he was struck by the simplicity and the obvious happiness of the residents. Carl also observed this sort of simplicity in the rest of Mexico, where inhabitants seemed to be truly living their lives and choosing how to spend their days, rather than conforming to a standard model. Amongst his usual rants and complaints, these honest observations were very striking coming from Carl.

I’ve also been inspired by Melissa over at Peace and Projects and her transformation of her life and that of her family’s into a simple and nourishing lifestyle. You really must read what she has to say because she’s been through it all. Melissa understands what a simple life is and is not, because she’s done the experimenting already. In the desperation for a more simple existence she tried a life of convenience. This meant ready-made meals and disposable items; all those consumer products that advertising tells us will make our lives simple. But this is not simple life that most of us envisage. Continue reading