Manifesting is Like Speaking

I imagine that many people read last week’s Meaning Experiment about manifesting abundance and at best thought it was interesting, but mostly thought it was a little too “alternative” or beyond the scope of reality.

And that’s fine by me, each to their own and all that. My aim is to encourage as many readers as possible to achieve a shift in their perception of reality and to hopefully help people realise that their life is their own to create and explore. We all need to test the boundaries and experiment with reality to gain a better understanding of what is truly possible.

So just when I was thinking last week’s post might be pushing people a little too far, the wonderfully thoughtful Peter Paluska left a comment that was striking in its obviousness and a real awakening all at the same time. This was the comment:

We are manifesting all the time aren’t we? Whether we know it or not, we bring our internal attitude to all actions (and inactions) we take, so, in a way, we are all master manifesters.”

Of course we are manifesting all the time, and it is such an important perspective to adopt. It is not a mystical or spiritual belief or idea, it is a reality about how we live our lives. It is an innate human capability and an everyday effect of how we live our lives.

In thinking about an analogy to help explain this ability I realised that our ability to manifest is very similar to our ability to speak.

An innate capacity of human beings is our ability to communicate with each other through body language and speech. The vast majority of us develop our ability to speak our native language easily and effectively. Yet just because we are born without the ability to speak, it doesn’t mean we aren’t already involved in communication. By interacting with any baby you can see that they are communicating with you and that they are working hard to figure out how to take their communication to the next level of speech.

Speech is an inevitable result of human development, and yet it takes practice, frustrating moments and persistence to use speech effectively. In the meantime we are still communicating, just less powerfully and effectively. Before speech is well developed, communication is more a process of trial and error as we struggle to communicate what we really need and want.

I would argue that our ability to manifest our own reality is similar in nature. It is a natural human ability. As you look around you right now, you are living the life that you have manifested. Sure, there are many elements that seem to have happened by accident or events that have occurred that seemingly came out of the blue. These are all part of the trial and error process and are also a result of the fact that most of us manifest parts of our lives unconsciously.

We all say things like “This came at the perfect time for me”, “How serendipitous!” and “I don’t know why these sorts of things always happen to me!”. Or is it that you unconsciously brought these situations into your life without knowing how?

The parts of your life that you feel you have control over never leave you wondering how this or that came into existence. You have no trouble believing that you created certain areas of your life.

And yet, with those parts of life and reality that you don’t yet fully understand, you are more hesitant to experiment and explore their true nature and the nature of human interaction and manifestation.

As a child you weren’t scared to explore speech and language. It was frustrating when you couldn’t quite get it and yet you persevered.

You are already manifesting, your life is proof of that. It is more often unconscious than conscious, yet it is happening all the same. Be open to exploring and experimenting with how deeply you can develop this ability and how amazing and awe inspiring your life could become.

If you dismissed last week’s experiment as all a bunch of hocus pocus, see if you can shift your perception, be open to the possibilities and conduct a small experiment of your own.

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