Meaning Experiment of the Week – What Has Oprah Taught You?

I wonder what you thought when you read the title of this post? It probably depends on what you think of Oprah and her role in your life. Whether you’ve been a follower of Oprah or not, it cannot be denied that her influence on our planet has been profound and widespread.

These days I don’t tend to be at home when The Oprah Show is on, but I was an avid watcher about a decade ago and was changed by what I saw and learnt.

With her final show finished and her farewell episodes airing here this week I feel sad and grateful.

I’m sad because I wonder who will introduce the world to the amazing people who might have otherwise remained unknown. A decade ago Oprah introduced me to Gary Zukav, a personal and spiritual teacher who has taught me volumes through his many appearances on the show and through his writing.

Oprah also introduced me to the gorgeous voice and message of India Arie. Now sure, I may have ended up hearing her music (featured on the Sex and the City Movie) years later, but I’m glad I got to know her sound when I did.

I’m sure that many of you will know and admire the work of Eckhart Tolle. The series of lessons Oprah conducted with Eckhart made his work and wisdom far more tangible and accessible for a much wider audience than perhaps he would have found on his own.

Oprah has been a vehicle for a wide audience through which new knowledge has been made accessible. She has covered a large variety of topics. Finances, health, personal development, stories of triumph and the power of the written word are to name but a few. For a vast majority of people, these episodes have been portals into worlds that would otherwise remain unexplored by the masses.

Oprah’s influence has undoubtedly impacted positively on the lives of women and on the image of African Americans. She has been at once both untouchable and yet so familiar. She has been far more than a vehicle because she has moved and been moved by the content of her shows. For many people, their personal growth happened because of hers.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, Oprah said that from a very young age she knew that she was destined to do great things with her life. Thank goodness she was conscious enough to know and understand this, and also determined enough to pursue this greatness.

As my own little tribute to Oprah’s impact on my life, I will share more about what I have learned from Oprah next week. If you’d like to give a little tribute too, then I would love for you to share what direct impact she has had on your life in the comments below. If you never really followed her work you may like to comment on how you think she has shaped and changed our world and our interactions.

I can’t wait to hear from you all :)