A warm welcome to all of you who are a little curious about the person behind The Meaning Experiment. I am someone, most probably like you, who is intensely curious about our world and universe and what it’s all for. My conclusion: you make your own meaning.

Yes I do think the universe and our place in it is inherently meaningless. What do I mean? I don’t think there is some universal truth. I don’t think there is some sort of scroll yet to be discovered that is yet to reveal everything to humankind.

When I first came to really accept this I felt profoundly sad and without hope (and sometimes still do). After being raised a Catholic, attending twelve years of Catholic school, dabbling with the New Age and seriously considering becoming a Baha’i, I came to see that for me, the answer wasn’t out there. This ultimately led to my conviction that I am an Atheist. Yet this did not result in adding more meaning to my life, just a sense of relief (that I’d finally figured it out) and then a sense of despair (what’s the point in being here if there’s no point in being here?)

A turning point for me came when I enrolled as one of the first participants in Eric Maisel’s Meaning Coaching Workshop. The most important thing I learnt was that to make life feel meaningful you really need to work at it. But that’s just it, how do you will a meaningful life for yourself when it just seems a waste of time?


And hopefully find a whole host of pursuits and ways of thinking that enrich the meaning in your life.

This blog is as much a part of my meaning experiment as I hope it will be yours. Life can be a choose-your-own-adventure, so let’s get started!

Facts About Me:

Born and raised (and still living) in Perth, Western Australia. Married to a wonderful man who shares my desire for no children. I teach Mathematics to secondary and post-secondary students and enjoy watching them develop their self-confidence and dare I say, passion for mathematics.) I share a close bond with my mum and two brothers and I am CONSTANTLY searching.

Photos on this site:

My dearest and loveliest friend, Rachel Parker-Roohi, is a generous and creative spirit, and such a wonderful person. She has kindly agreed to accompany me on this journey by taking many glorious and amazing photos.