The Mind: Does It Have the Power to Cause and Reverse Hair Loss?

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The mind has an intimate connection with the body’s hormonal system and nervous system. Each feeds back into each other. When the mind perceives a threat via the senses, the body reacts by surging adrenaline around the body. Heart rate increases and breathing quickens. The fight or flight response kicks in.

But different people perceive situations differently. Some people might have a heart attack if they saw a bull rushing towards them, while matadors may have experienced this so many times their heart rate hardly increases.

The same goes for day to day office stress. While some people take deadlines, presentations and fiery meetings in their stride, others find these scenarios extremely stressful. Clearly we all deal with stressful situations differently.

How does this relate to your hair?

Hair loss is usually caused by hormonal change. It can also be caused by stress. As I have already explained, both of these causes are linked with the mind. Therefore if you can alter the way your mind reacts to everyday stresses you can have an impact on your hair. You can even have an impact on your hormonal balance by training your mind. The key factor here is making yourself a very calm person who does not get flustered by stressful situations and does not worry or get anxious about future events.

In general, calm people who do not anger easily or worry about things, tend to be healthier, have nicer skin and thicker hair. So, if you want to prevent, stop or even reverse hair loss, this is the mindset you should aim to achieve.

How can you become calm and stress free?

First of all you need to identify your most significantly negative emotions. Do you get angry easily in certain situations? Do you get very nervous in certain situations? Are their particular things that you worry about a lot?

Now you need to determine whether these negative emotions are perfectly rational or if you are over-reacting. If the feelings of anger or stress are rational then you need to resolve the problems that are causing the negative emotions. For example if you were constantly worrying about driving because you experienced a car accident in your past and this was causing you elevated stress on a daily basis, you would need to take action to resolve that problem, otherwise it could end up ruling your life.

If, on the other hand, you feel that you worry or stress out about stuff more than is normal and healthy, you need to train your mind to react more calmly to the stress and worry. You can do this by examining the situation that causes you stress – for example a work presentation – and then picking out each of the things that make your stressed. For example a statement like this might be true for you:

“I feel nervous when a group of people is watching me talk.”

If this is the case for you, you now need to reverse that negative statement and make it positive. For example:

“I feel calm and in control when people are watching me talk”.

Now, the more you use positive statements like this, the more your mind will get used to them at a subconscious level, until they actually start to apply to you.

The easiest way to train your mind in this way is to use an audio programme that constantly inserts positive statements into your mind for prolonged periods. You can use personal stereos to have positive statements flowing into your mind subconsciously (at low volumes) for hours everyday. Eventually, you confirm the statements in your mind by achieving small successes in your life. For example, maybe you make it through a work presentation with a positive response from your audience.

Achieving small successes like this helps to reinforce the positive affirmations already in your mind, until eventually they become true. With each real-life reinforcement of a positive affirmation, the more it becomes true.


By training your mind to be positive, react calmly to stressful situations and worry less about future events, you can produce a positive effect for your whole body. Having a relaxed body, with relaxed muscles is good for your circulation, your internal organ health, your skin and your hair.

It’s possible to achieve the change, with persistent positivity. By sticking with a good audio programme that floods your mind with positive affirmations, you can train yourself to be a calm person. And a healthy mind is the best step towards a healthy body.