Your Life is Always Whispering to You

A friend of mine posted “your life is always whispering to you” on Facebook recently and ever since I have been thinking about how true this statement really is. There were quite a few people who wrote “so true” in the comments of her status update and I added my thoughts as well.

So what does this phrase really mean? And why does life whisper rather than simply talk?

If you spend some time observing what is really going on in your world you can’t help but see instances and situations that appear to be a form of sign or communication. If you aren’t consciously aware of what is going on or if you aren’t paying any attention, it is often in hindsight that you realise there were clues and thoughts that led you here.

Most often we think of these signs and communications as our intuition, or our gut instinct. It is true that our intuition has a significant role to play in guiding us through our lives. Your intuition communicates with you whether you wish it to or not. How clearly it communicates and how clearly you understand the message depends on whether you tune in regularly and whether you trust the message.

Over the past few years I have unfortunately ignored my intuition more often than I have tuned in, to the detriment of my progress. It still communicates with me in my quiet moments, popping ideas and directions into my thoughts. It has also communicated with me through strong feelings and emotions, using them as signs to alert me towards the right path or away from the wrong path. But in recent years I have somehow felt that I know better, that I can work out my life on my own, with my own rational thought, with my own intelligent strategies. For some of you maybe this is all you need, but for me I know from experience that my rational self often misunderstands who I really am and what I really need. Planning a life without consulting my intuition will result in a plan that doesn’t fit who I am.

In addition to your intuition you’ll find that the external and physical world is giving you clues and signs too. We all know that old saying that as one door closes, another opens. While this has of course never literally happened to me, there have been numerous times in my life where I have closed the door, so to speak, on a situation only to find within a matter of days that countless new opportunities are presenting themselves to me.

To be able to see the physical signs and communications coming from your life is sort of like looking at one of those magic 3D images. You have to look through the picture rather than focus your eyes on one point to see what is to be revealed to you.

Another example is when you go shopping for a particular item of clothing. When your focus in narrowed on buying a particular style and colour of dress, it is highly likely that you’ll walk away from a day of shopping empty handed. When your focus is more widespread and able to survey the items without intention, and in a spirit of fun and curiosity, then you will likely find many items that suit you far better than anything you could have imagined for yourself.

Life will always communicate with you through your internal intuition and through external physical signs and symbols. The reason it is usually at a whisper is because you don’t trust what you see, hear and feel. We live in a world dominated by rational thought. At this stage in human evolution I agree it is necessary that we use and project an excess of rational thought to help eradicate those belief systems that are irrational and harmful to our existence. At the same time, in our own personal lives, we should work on developing and listening to our intuition and the energy of the universe.

Trusting the communications that you witness is an important next step after you acknowledge the guidance you’ve tuned into. With trust comes action. To show you trust the guidance you must in some way act on it. By doing so you can build the effectiveness of this communication and slowly it will become more than a whisper.

You may be able to recall an instance when you seemed to act out of character, as if driven by another person or aspect of yourself, and the outcome was spectacular. Here’s an example from my life.

About six years ago I had just come out of a six year relationship and found myself on my own with the burden of paying all the rent for the property my then partner and I had shared. Looking through the paper I felt a very strong sense that I should buy a property, rather than rent. I narrowed it down to a few suburbs, based on my intuition, and asked my mum if she’d like to come and look at some properties with me when they were open on the weekend. (As my father was a real estate agent when I was younger, I’ve always loved home opens, and I still do, so this seemed like a really fun way to pass a Saturday afternoon.)

On the second weekend, I found a property that sounded lovely. My mum and I drove past and I knew I had to see it that day. I called the agent straight away and saw the property later that afternoon. This is completely out of character for me. I knew nothing about buying property and I was completely unaware that the property in Perth was about to sky rocket in price either. The house would be open the next weekend but I knew I had to see it that day.

Later that day as soon as we entered the house I knew this was the place. The energy was completely right and in tune with me. I made an offer then and there (I had previously consulted briefly with a mortgage broker), and when the agent tried to press me for a larger offer, a business-like side of me appeared, a part of me I’d never met before!

By that evening the house was mine.

Over the next few months (the settlement date was quite late to accommodate the health requirements of the previous owners) the realisation of this amazing accomplishment began to set in. As I went to other home opens for comparison purposes I realised I had bought a beautiful home at a real bargain. As the property prices started to steeply rise I saw that I had made money before even spending a dollar.

I know I was guided by my intuition and by the energy of the universe. It sounds corny I know, but it’s true. I am someone who would usually spend a long time deliberating over such huge life decisions as buying a house. I didn’t stop once to consider whether this was right. I simply followed and trusted my instincts and in doing so the perfect house for me seemed to magically present itself. It is as if my intuition knew that it needed to take control of this situation and not allow me to waver in my trust. Had I not tuned in and followed my instincts, or instead taken months deliberating over where to buy a house, I would have likely missed out as property prices soon became too expensive.

Your life truly is always whispering to you, and if you practice tuning in and following the guidance it will be more than a whisper. There are parts of you and parts of our universe that you can’t see, know or as yet understand. Yet you can often see the effects of their input manifest in your life. Realise there is more to you than your intellect and that you have all the guidance you need.

Will you follow the whispers?